Open Call

*** The open call is now closed. Thank you to everyone who answered it.

Are you interested in how a new economy might help combat climate change?  Are you free for three days in the middle of June? Can you spare that time to work out how we might start securing our place on this planet? If so then please answer this call.

On June 17th a group of people will convene in Dublin for our Dublin Climate Gathering.  We already have some brilliant people signed up but we want to open the door to other thinkers from the worlds of science, technology, politics and culture with their perspectives on the journey we need to take.

This workshop follows on from a meeting of leading international climate experts in the Burren in February. One of the ideas developed there was that if we are to stop people going in an unsustainable way from A to B then we have to offer them a better alternative C.  Our job in Dublin is to map out this new ‘Plan C’ economy.  We think that the internet is going to be a key driver and that change will happen where there is collaboration between civil society, business, government and academia.

We are going to use Dublin as our practical example for change and its history and culture as a source of inspiration. Everyone will come as an equal and everyone will have critical work to do. This is no ordinary workshop; we will be meeting in various locations that inspire creative thinking.

As much as this will be a Dublin event it is also international in focus.  It is being organised by the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament and it is designed to complement the European Commission’s Digital Assembly, taking place in Dublin in the same week.

Our places are limited but if you can answer this call, then we want to hear from you.  Please tell us in 200 words what you would like to bring to the gathering and why you would like to be there. Email us before the 3rd of June at .

We look forward to hearing you return the call.


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