Monday 17th June Tuesday 18th June Wednesday 19th June
17:00 Registration at Tailors’ Hall 09:30 Meet CHQ Building, IFSC, Docklands, Dublin 1. 09:00 Meet at Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2 for bus to various Dublin locations.
Break 11:00 Break
11:15 Workshop at CHQ 11:15 Workshops reconvene
13:00 Lunch 13:00 Lunch
18:00 Opening meeting Tailor’s Hall 14:00 Group workshops CHQ 15:00 Groups reconvene at Oak Room, Mansion House
21:00 Opening receptionGuinness Gravity Bar 19:30 Dinner at Gresham Hotel 17:30 Break
17:45 Dinner at 37 Dawson St.
20:00 Closing eventRound Room, Mansion House

Facilitation programme:

Day One:  We start with a debate ‘Will a new era of enlightenment, lead to a new industrial revolution’?

Day Two:  Facilitated group sessions will work on questions about the new innovation model such as:

–       What values will deliver responsible innovation?

–       What are the implications for employment and social cohesion?

–       What sort of leadership is needed?

–       How do we reward and share research and intellectual property?

–       How do we balance competing rights in relation to privacy and access to information?

Day Three:   Facilitated conversations continue in the morning, in the afternoon we put Plan C together.


A team of experienced facilitators will create the space for productive conversation during the three day workshop. The primary facilitators are:

– Professor Lizbeth Goodman (BA, MA, MLitt, PhD) Chair of Creative Technology Innovation and Professor of Inclusive Design/SMARTlab Director, University College Dublin

– Sandy Dunlop Brand Development Consultant, Coordinator Bard Summer School  & PhD Folklore, Myth and Modernity

– Ryan Meade, Climate Gathering Director, Public Policy Consultant, former Special Adviser to the Minister for the Environment


Tailors’ Hall – Home to the ‘back lane parliament’ in 1790’s revolutionary Dublin.
CHQ Building – IFSC, Docklands, Dublin 1.
Mansion House – Residence of Lord Mayor of Dublin. First Dáil assembled in Round Room at declaration of independence 1919.

Social programme:

Opening reception – Guinness Gravity Bar

Evening Dinner – Gresham Hotel

Closing event – Round Room, Mansion House

Photo credit: LenDog64